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Speaking with your computer: a new way to practice conversation

Gary Ross, Glen Norris, Stephen Henneberry JALT-CALL 2018, Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan Poster abstract: Online speech recognition and synthesis, using technologies built into the browser, allow students to practice conversations using a PC or mobile device. This represents a major development in how we can implement speaking practice and will have a significant impact on teaching […]

Digital Assessment of Analog Work

JALT-CALL 2017, Matsuyama University, Shikoku, JAPAN June 17, 14:10 Session Abstract: A look at different workflows for processing handwritten student work, whether in essay, journal, or worksheet form, using digital tools. Such workflows allow for students to maintain possession of their work for review and portfolio building while also allowing the teacher to maintain a […]

Center of Community: Content-Based L2 Blogging

FLEAT VI 2015, Harvard University, Boston Massachusetts, USA Session Abstract: This poster session will discuss the Active Iwami blog project of a seminar class in a rural Japanese university. The concept behind the project was aligned with the universitiy’s “Center of Community” program, which aims to build stronger connections between the campus and the surrounding […]

Managing Your Buzz: Generating Student Enthusiasm

JALT-CALL 2015, Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka June 7, 13:20

Cross-Cultural Bilingual Blogging for Language Learning

KOTESOL-KAFLE International Conference 2014, COEX, Seoul, Korea October 5th 9:00

Teacher Travel 2.0: Crowd-Source Your Next Trip

KOTESOL-KAFLE International Conference 2014, COEX, Seoul, Korea October 4th 14:00

When Bilingual Blogging Bears Fruit

オンライン語学学習交流研修会 (Online Language Learning Workshop) Muroran Institute of Technology, Hokkaido July 19, 2014  

I Teach, Therefore iPad: Utilizing Your Tablet in the Classroom

Symposium on Integration of Emerging Technologies in Language Education: From Instructor to Institution, Kanazawa University Foreign Language Institute, Kanazawa, Japan February 15th, 14:00-14:50 Presentation summary: The portability and power of Apple’s iPad make it an excellent tool for teachers. This presentation will cover the use of an iPad in the language classroom for student assessment and course […]

B-Tandem: A Cross-Cultural Blogging Model for Language Learning

PAC @ FEELTA 2012 “Learning Languages – Building Communities”, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia November 4, 10:10 Presentation summary: This presentation will discuss a six-year international blogging project, centering on interaction between Japanese language learners in the USA and English language learners in Japan. Students on both ends compose blog content in their target […]

Current Trends in ELT

  PAC @ FEELTA 2012 “Learning Languages – Building Communities”, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia November 2, 14:30 Moderator: Stephen Ryan Panel participants: Walaiporn Chaya (Thailand), Natalya Maximova (Russia), Michael Jones (Korea), & Stephen Henneberry (Japan)