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Stephen W. Henneberry grew up in the Seacoast area of New England, in the small town of Stratham, New Hampshire. He has lived and worked in Japan since April of 1998, and currently lives on the beach in Gotsu, Shimane.


  • Santa Online: A project born from the clash of a passion for volunteering locally as Santa for various places and the social distancing forced upon us by the COVID crisis. To resolve the challenge, it was decided to create custom videos from Santa for all the locations visited annually. Questions were accepted from the children through their teachers, and videos were created of ‘Santa’ replying to them. In addition, to help fund Santa’s annual gifts to some local organizations, Santa created personal Christmas greetings for children around the globe.
  • Beikokudo (米刻堂 ‚): The house next door… A second home on the beach in Hashi with four bedrooms available for rent, both as remote-work space, long-term residency, or short stays via AirBnB. The house includes an English Library space, which is open to local children on weekend, as a large multipurpose space available for workshops, classes, and events.


  • Touring Notes: Bike if by Land, SUP if by Sea: Touring notes from the motorcycle saddle and the stand-up paddle board. Far from complete, but updated on occasion.
  • EdTechTESOL: Once an active blog on Educational Technology and TESOL, started up during my M.A. program with the University of Manchester, but now only occasionally updated.


Current Teaching Positions

  • The University of Shimane (島根県立大学), Professor
  • Hamada Medical Center Nursing School (浜田医療センター附属看護学校), Part-time Lecturer

Previous Teaching Positions

  • University of Yamanashi (山梨大学), Lecturer
  • Shimane Iwami Nursing College (島根県立石見高等看護学院), Part-time Lecturer
  • Rissho University (立正大学), Part-time Lecturer
  • Edogawa University (江戸川大学), Part-time Lecturer
  • Westgate Corp.; University Program, English Teacher