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Digital Assessment of Analog Work

JALT-CALL 2017, Matsuyama University, Shikoku, JAPAN June 17, 14:10 Session Abstract: A look at different workflows for processing handwritten student work, whether in essay, journal, or worksheet form, using digital tools. Such workflows allow for students to maintain possession of their work for review and portfolio building while also allowing the teacher to maintain a […]

The AJET Forum: iPads in the Classroom

JALT-CALL 2012 Conference, Konan CUBE, Konan University, Nishinomiya City June 3, 14:50 Presentation summary: The presenters will discuss practical ways that iPads, Apple TV, and pocket WiFi connections can be implemented in the classroom. This forum will be useful for teachers at jr/sr high school and university levels.

Student-centered Video Process Using iPads

Pre-conference Workshop @ JALT-CALL 2012 Conference, Konan CUBE, Konan University, Nishinomiya City June 1, 18:00 Presentation summary: This presentation will discuss an iPad solution to a video processing problem. Whereas as in years past video processing time was measured in days, or weeks, putting iPads in student hands reduced that to less than an hour. Students captured, […]

iPads for Classroom Assessment and Management

JALT  37th Annual International Conference 2011, Tokyo November 18 – 21 Presentation summary: The portability and power of Apple’s iPad make it an excellent tool for teachers. This presentation will cover the use of an iPad in the language classroom for student assessment and course management. The discussion is based on one teacher’s use of […]

iPads as Assessment Tools in Moodle Enabled Classrooms

MoodleMoot Japan 2011, Kochi February 22nd, 10:20 Presentation summary: This presentation will show how Apple’s iPad can be used as an assessment tool by teachers in the classroom.