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Center of Community: Content-Based L2 Blogging

FLEATVIFLEAT VI 2015, Harvard University, Boston Massachusetts, USA

Session Abstract:
This poster session will discuss the Active Iwami blog project of a seminar class in a rural Japanese university. The concept behind the project was aligned with the universitiy’s “Center of Community” program, which aims to build stronger connections between the campus and the surrounding area. In this project the students researched and published blog posts about “active life” in the Iwami area of Shimane. The purpose for this topic choice was to confront the difficulties that many incoming students have when moving to the rural area. The goal is to use the student-created English language website to introduce new students to the wealth of activities in the area. In this way, the student authors are working towards building bridges to the community for other students to use. The poster session will share the details of the project, including the planning, authoring, and publishing stages. Information will also be available on how to develop similar projects using free web-authoring tools.