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Speaking with your computer: a new way to practice conversation

Gary Ross, Glen Norris, Stephen Henneberry JALT-CALL 2018, Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan Poster abstract: Online speech recognition and synthesis, using technologies built into the browser, allow students to practice conversations using a PC or mobile device. This represents a major development in how we can implement speaking practice and will have a significant impact on teaching […]

Center of Community: Content-Based L2 Blogging

FLEAT VI 2015, Harvard University, Boston Massachusetts, USA Session Abstract: This poster session will discuss the Active Iwami blog project of a seminar class in a rural Japanese university. The concept behind the project was aligned with the universitiy’s “Center of Community” program, which aims to build stronger connections between the campus and the surrounding […]

Book Group Day

ER Colloquium at JALT 2012, ACT City, Hamamatsu, Japan Poster session on a recyclable student-centered Book Group Day activity to promote Extensive Reading in the classroom.

Examining University Students’ Perceptions of the Importance of Teachers’ Motivational Strategy Use

Japanese title: 動機づけ方略の重要度と使用頻度に対する学習者の認識の変容 日本教科教育学会第37回全国大会 2011, Okinawa University (37th National Convention of the Japanese Society for academic education) November 12 – 13 Co-presented with Craig Manning, University of Shimane

Commenting Behavior in a Foreign Language Blog Exchange

TESOL France Colloquium 2011, Paris November 14 – 16 Presentation summary: This session will provide a comprehensive discussion on the ongoing class-level language blog exchange project between Japanese and American university students. The presentation will include description of all aspects of the project; including cultural context, rationale, implementation, data collection and analysis.