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Moodling Your Textbook

JALT 2012, ACT City, Hamamatsu, Japan Co-presented with Craig Manning (The University of Shimane), Don Hinkelman (Sapporo Gakuin University), & Tom Goetz (Hokusei Gakuen University) This presentation is for teachers and publishers. Explore how Moodle can enhance your students´ educational experiences by shifting the in-class focus towards fluency and out-of-class activities to learning, practice, and […]

iPads as Assessment Tools in Moodle Enabled Classrooms

MoodleMoot Japan 2011, Kochi February 22nd, 10:20 Presentation summary: This presentation will show how Apple’s iPad can be used as an assessment tool by teachers in the classroom.

Intermediate Moodle Workshop

University of Shimane Good Practice Forum: Collaborative Teaching Across Disciplines & Countries Using ICT September 18th, 13:00 Presentation summary: This presentation will demonstrate how to both support and extend a classroom textbook using Moodle. The presentation will include a demonstration of how to use Quizzes, Assignments, Forums and Glossaries to augment the textbook and simplify […]

Fostering Positive Affective Climates for Language Learning in Asia Using Moodle

Abstract In recent years Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) has gained wide usage worldwide, but still faces cultural barriers in some contexts. This presentation reports on a project involving the use of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) in a support role for CLT in face-to-face classrooms in a Japanese university. The project sought to

Enhanced Student Interaction Using Moodle

Abstract: Foreign language teachers in Japanese universities often face great difficulty in breaking through the social barriers inherent in the traditional Japanese classroom. In a culture where a student’s “standing out” can be interpreted as “showing off”, and mistakes more often seen as social failures than learning opportunities, students are naturally cautious about using a […]