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Cross-Cultural Bilingual Blogging for Language Learning

KOTESOL-KAFLE International Conference 2014, COEX, Seoul, Korea October 5th 9:00

When Bilingual Blogging Bears Fruit

オンライン語学学習交流研修会 (Online Language Learning Workshop) Muroran Institute of Technology, Hokkaido July 19, 2014  

B-Tandem: A Cross-Cultural Blogging Model for Language Learning

PAC @ FEELTA 2012 “Learning Languages – Building Communities”, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia November 4, 10:10 Presentation summary: This presentation will discuss a six-year international blogging project, centering on interaction between Japanese language learners in the USA and English language learners in Japan. Students on both ends compose blog content in their target […]

Incorporating Blogging Into Your Teaching

島根県立大学公開講座 2011, The University of Shimane Presentation summary: The presentation will discuss different aspects of blogging for teachers, such as professional development, Personal Learning Networks (PLN), and blogging in the classroom.

Commenting Behavior in a Foreign Language Blog Exchange

TESOL France Colloquium 2011, Paris November 14 – 16 Presentation summary: This session will provide a comprehensive discussion on the ongoing class-level language blog exchange project between Japanese and American university students. The presentation will include description of all aspects of the project; including cultural context, rationale, implementation, data collection and analysis.

Commenting Strategies in an eTandem Blog Exchange

JALT-CALL 2011, Kurume June 5th, 13:10 Presentation summary: This presentation is based on a tandem blogging project between an English class at the University of Yamanashi (Japan) and a Japanese language class at the University of New Hampshire (USA) between 2007 and 2010.

Cross-Cultural Blogging

Cross-Cultural Bilingual Blogging Research Meeting 2010, Shimane June 26th

Cross-Cultural Blogging Using Web 2.0

  University of Shimane Good Practice Forum: Collaborative Teaching Across Disciplines & Countries Using ICT September 18th, 15:00 Presentation summary: This short presentation will describe the framework and implementation of a cross-cultural blog exchange between language students at the University of Yamanashi and the University of New Hampshire. This project takes the idea of online […]

Web 2.0 Bilingual Exchange

Blogging in Two Languages: An International Peer Assistance Exchange

JALT-CALL 2008, Nagoya June 1st