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Category Archives: Panel Discussions

Online Classes: Surviving and Thriving in 2021

KOTESOL 2021 Victor Reeser, Rhea Metituk, Rhett BUrton, Aaron Jones, Gary Ross, & Stephen Henneberry Abstract: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, online teaching has moved from a position of tenuous acceptance and application into standard practice across the world. From parents to students to educators, everyone has undoubtedly struggled with this shift. In this panel, […]

Current Trends in ELT

  PAC @ FEELTA 2012 “Learning Languages – Building Communities”, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia November 2, 14:30 Moderator: Stephen Ryan Panel participants: Walaiporn Chaya (Thailand), Natalya Maximova (Russia), Michael Jones (Korea), & Stephen Henneberry (Japan)

The AJET Forum: iPads in the Classroom

JALT-CALL 2012 Conference, Konan CUBE, Konan University, Nishinomiya City June 3, 14:50 Presentation summary: The presenters will discuss practical ways that iPads, Apple TV, and pocket WiFi connections can be implemented in the classroom. This forum will be useful for teachers at jr/sr high school and university levels.

Using an iPad in the Classroom

JALT  37th Annual International Conference 2011, Tokyo November 18 – 21 Presentation summary: This presentation will cover one teacher’s use of an iPad in the language classroom for student assessment and course management. The presenter will discuss various ways in which the iPad was used in the classroom over a one-year period. Participants will learn […]