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iPads as Assessment Tools in Moodle Enabled Classrooms

iPads and Moodle

MoodleMoot Japan 2011, Kochi

February 22nd, 10:20

Presentation summary:

This presentation will show how Apple’s iPad can be used as an assessment tool by teachers in the classroom. The discussion is based on one teacher’s use of an iPad for a semester as a portable tool for interacting with a Moodle course in a university English conversation course. The iPad was primarily used to input student data and grades while students were on task and the teacher monitored classroom activities. The portable nature of the iPad allowed the teacher to input data while walking amongst the students, and also allowed for its use as a reference tool in one-to-one discussions with students. The primary Moodle tool used in this practice was the Assignment module.

The discussion will include information about setting up your iPad for use in the classroom, how to use it for instant assessment of student performance, and its use for reference in student feedback. The discussion is based on the presenter’s experience in wireless classrooms with direct access to Moodle, but strategies for facilities without wireless networks will be covered as well. In such situations other iPad apps can be used to save data locally for later upload to Moodle.