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iPads as Teacher Tools

iPads as Teacher Tools FinalJALT-CALL 2011, Kurume
June 4th, 10:20

Presentation summary:

The portability and power of Apple’s iPad make it an excellent tool for teachers. This presentation will cover the use of an iPad in the language classroom for student assessment and course management. The discussion is based on one teacher’s use of an iPad for a semester as a portable device in a university English conversation course. The iPad was used by the teacher in many ways, ranging from student assessment to presentation of course content. The use of the iPad as an assessment device allowed the teacher to input student data and grades while students were on task and the teacher monitored classroom activities. The portable nature of the iPad allowed the teacher to input data while walking amongst the students, and also allowed for its use as a reference tool in one-to-one discussions with students. The iPad was also used in conjunction with both projectors and overhead document cameras for presenting slides, websites, and notes to the class. The discussion will include information about setting up your iPad for use in the classroom, applications used in the process, and lessons learned.